Case Study 1:
DVBE Connect hired me to develop the creative direction for, a new recycling program for the State of California. After consulting with stakeholders, I designed a wireframe and iterated mock-ups based on research and evolving goals. An illustrator was hired to create the mascot, which we incorporated into the final design produced using InDesign and Photoshop.

Case Study 2:
While working at I wore many hats. I produced microsites and banner ad campaigns for clients like Accenture, Aviva, BT, HSBC, IBM, & Xerox, using client styleguides, assets and original designs. I was also part of a team that redesigned the site: producing wireframe documentation, iterative mock-ups, typography, & multimedia. Additionally, I adapted designs and worked on the UX/UI for the mobile version of the website. I even designed an award winning interactive feature.

Case Study 3:
On contract, I worked on UX/UI for’s mobile audio player. I produced wireframe documentation and prototypes in Photoshop, Illustrator, & InDesign

Case Study 4:
NACB hired me to develop the visual design and UX/UI for a special magazine section for their customers. From considerable research, I designed wireframes, created assets, then translated the design to the web using the Higher Logic CMS and custom css. Produced in InDesign, Photoshop, custom css.

Case Study 5: was badly in need of a new website, I was contracted to perform site analysis, visual design, UX/UI, and coding of the new site in Drupal. See here for project proposal. Unfortunately the project was never realized, but I felt the design was compelling. Assets were produced in Photoshop. XD, & InDesign.

Case Study 6:
4mm contracted me to produce extensive wireframe & styleguide documents, that I later used to produce UX/UI screens for the back-end social network for their Wii/Playstation game DefJam Rapstar. I also worked on adapting designs for the mobile version of the game. Assets were produced from technical specs using Photoshop, Illustrator, & InDesign.

Case Study 7:
While worked at I produced designs for various featured micosites. Adhering to styleguides was key for all the sub-brands within the company. Designs were produced in Photoshop and Illustrator.

Case Study 8:
For, the web subsidiary of Ubisoft, I worked as web designer and concept developer. I performed updates on the main website, also producing banner ads for various clients. I designed and developed an internal corporate site, produced mock-ups for Gameloft Asia, and prototyped interfaces for tv-based GameloftTV. Worked was produced in Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, & 3D Studio Max.

Case Study 9:
In the 90’s I worked as a content editor for the real language search engine, While not a visual design job, I learned to use their complex proprietary SQL database technology for coding ‘questions’ into the site architecture. A deep understanding of the early internet, keyword research, and linguistics figured heavily into the job. While I was there, the company grew from 500 to 5000 employees and became a minor internet sensation. I’m including it in my portfolio because our mission was to provide a real language interface for the internet, which in many ways is like what AI & ChatGPT are achieving now.